Shocking Themes: Used To Generate Controversy

Shock advertising is primarily used in commercial advertisements with the intent of causing controversy, which is why heated debates on its use arises. All in all, demonstrating how shock advertising is by its very nature a polarising topic of debate and one rooted in controversy. This is why causing offense and stimulating extreme emotions maps so well on the rebellious younger demographic.

Respondent B in an interview ponders on the duality of shock advertising; shock and controversy go hand in hand;

“Oh definitely we have become harder to shock and in a way that’s going to lead to advertisers really trying to push the boat out. But it’s not so much a shock anymore but it’s still elements of stuff trying to shock but is more so causing controversy. And it’s that thing of trying to understand which is better shock or controversy?… I think if you bring in an advertisement that causes arguments and heated debates that turn up in the paper and the news. And then anytime another controversial ad comes then your ad comes up.”

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