Geomatics Dissertation: Utilizing Mediation in Dispute Resolution


The discussion of the potential of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods is appropriate and timely given the uncertain financial times. It does seem right to put some limit on costs to those involved in neighbour disputes. In the Irish courts there is a general trend moving from litigation to mediation in all types of disputes. The objective of the dissertation was to investigate the use of mediation in resolving boundary disputes in Ireland today.


In order to achieve this aim it was necessary to examine in detail the fundamentals contributing to boundary disputes arising as well as to examine the fundamentals of ADR and mediation. Gaining an understanding of the role the professional surveyor in the equation would present a holistic approach to the objective. Three boundary dispute case studies and a number of interviews with a number of practioners in the area of research were undertaken to highlight the merits of using mediation in improving Ireland’s approach to dealing with boundary disputes.


A number of issues were discovered at the conclusion of the study that if dealt with would improve the handling of boundary disputes in Ireland. These include the implementation of a mediation service by certifying surveyors as licensed surveyors and licensed mediators and the gradual introduction of a conclusive boundary system to Ireland.


5 thoughts on “Geomatics Dissertation: Utilizing Mediation in Dispute Resolution

    • Hi Laurent,

      It is available in the Library in Bolton Street, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Ireland. If you would like any further information on this particular piece, please do not hesitate to contact me further.

  1. Many thanks … Indeed, there is a problem of distance. Well do I need to go to Dublin then to have access to your dissertation, or it there any other possible way to read it ?
    I do not go to Dublin every day. And I am sure, that not everyone can afford to go there to have access to a reading.
    It would be great to give to every one an option, don’t you think so ?
    I mean, you can check who is interested and why and then allow people after selection to have access to your dissertation.
    In my own case, I would like to acknowledge the existence of your work, in order to ease the further study of the comparison between French and English property law, in my dissertation for my Master in Paris. And you would receive in return for gratitude my dissertation too.
    Many thanks any way for your answer.
    I wish you good luck in your career in NY.
    Most cordially,

    • Unfortunately you do need to travel to Dublin to view the dissertation. I’m in the process of trying to get an electronic version up on the web for easy reading of it. Until then, if you want I can provide you with a PDF copy of it. If so, I will email it to your hotmail email address.

      Best of luck in writing your dissertation. What is the title of it exactly?


  2. Well, … it is a good move of yours … indeed, … Good morning, first, to you, William.
    Things are not quite easy, because … I passed my PgD in property management and investment in Edinburgh Napier University, last year, in June 2010. And after 10 years spent in UK, I work just now in the west suburb of the great Paris.
    So, it means that I cannot do a return for one dissertation. Pity though.
    Now, my own subject of dissertation is about the conflicts between neighbours, related to the definition of the property borders, in Paris and London.
    How to improve the peace in the neighbourhood. It is first a question of improving the descriptions of the property borders, the technical possibilities of building, and the means of valuing the whole state of walls.
    Obviously, your dissertation can provide a substantial help to me, (I assume before even reading it, but it seems that you are quite a winner…if I daresay).
    So having pointed out the distance problem and the correlation between the two of ours dissertations, the PDF format seems the best we can exchange our respective work.
    Thank you for your impressive response of today.

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