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about my professional career

I cut my teeth in the madhouse that is the media and agency scene in New York City with a digital marketing agency (webliquid) and a personal media technology company (tigerspike).

Moved to London to continue working in the mobile and emerging technologies sector with a mobile design and development agency.

3Currently working in Dublin in the cloud computing industry with – working with some of the most innovative enterprise technologies in cloud, mobile and social sectors. Salesforce has been voted the most innovative company by Forbes for 2011, 2012 and 2013.


mobile & emerging technologies

Adept at business development for following platforms; developing ideas, bringing solutions to life and moving to production.

Possess experience working, from a business development perspective, with following mobile technologies/operating systems, with both consumer facing and enterprise grade applications.

social media and online brand monitoring 

Experience working with a variety of social media marketing tools and online brand monitoring platforms, including:

online ad campaign management

A Certified Google Adwords professional (see here) – Experience working with Google Analytics, Google AdWords,  AdWords Editor, Marketo, Mediaplex and Facebook for optimization of accounts and campaigns (e.g. ad creative, keywords, and bid management) and reporting to clients.

industry verticals that I have worked with in an agency setting:

Some of the brands I have worked with throughout my professional career:


Masters in Marketing studied at DIT (Graduated with a 1st Class Honours): click here

Degree in Geomatics (Geodesy & Mapping) studied at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT): click here


Diploma in Investments and Capital Markets studied at Dublin Business School (DBS): click here