Geomatics Project Work: Utilizing Spatial Information

Whilst trawling through my Geomatics folder on my desktop I came across some of the group projects I worked on. Here was one that contributed towards my final year mark and degree.

Here is a short description of what the project entailed:

The principal objective of this paper was to advise the United Nations on how Geodetic Surveying, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (satellite imagery and mobile mapping capabilities) could be implemented into the response process to the current crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The research methodology adopted focused on what the goals of the United Nations personnel in D.R. Congo were, i.e. focusing on the mandate of the MONUC peacekeeping forces and the UNHCR personnel, whilst concentrating on possible real-life applications of spatial information.  One of the main conclusions drawn is that satellite imagery, as opposed to airborne campaigns, offers far fewer logistical obstacles as organisations such as MapAction have the capability to capture and deliver images to MONUC forces in the ground within a relatively short amount of time. In short, there are many humanitarian and security issues to be addressed, there are many organisations whose expertise can be utilised, and there are a vast amount of applications and issues that can be met with the use of spatial information.

MapAction’s method of delivery and solution in aiding such a response to a humanitarian response is summed up in the image below: