Analysis of Consumer Behaviour: Consumption in the 21st Century & Seeking Identity

The process of seeking identity in oneself is a complex and layered one that is interwoven with the human act of consumption in the 21st century. Benwell and Stokoe (2006:170) ponders on the nature of the complex relationship between identity and consumption. One way that Benwell and Stokoe (2006:170) identify how this relationship can be understood is through the interpretation that accords the consumer more power. This interpretation sees consumption as an activity, by which individuals expressidentity and forge solidarity and where the consumer is understood to be competent in playing with or resisting the codes of consumption.

  • Experience and the Search for Identity: Experiential Consumption as an Endless Search
  • Exhibitionism and the Search for Identity: Extreme Consumerism and Voyeurism
  • Compulsive Consumption and Identity: A Degradation of Human Behaviour Exploited Through Consumerism

Ref:Benwell, B and Stokoe, E (2006) Discourse and Identity,Edinburgh University Press Ltd, Edinburgh, pp. 165 – 203