Xbox ‘Bang’ Advertisement

The advertisement is projected in a fashion so that it appears everyone in the scene is part of a first person shooter game trying to kill each other with their weapon (their finger!). Everybody has their hands shaped as a gun and shouts ‘bang’ when they shoot to mimic a gunshot. People begin to crumple to the ground as if they have been shot dead.

All in all, a great creative and interactive advertisement that draws in the viewer from the outset with the tense undertones opening the advertisement. An advertisement that undoubtedly possesses viral qualities for people to spread to their friends in social media channels too.

Analysis of the Business Model and Strategic Management at Irish Betting Company Paddy Power

The document detailing the content below can be provided on request.

  • Company Profile: Paddy Power PLC
  • Analysis of Board Composition and Competencies
  • Analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
    • Key to Success of Paddy Power
    • Growth in Core Areas of Business
    • Market Share Price
    • Financial Statements: Profit / Loss Statement
  • Analysis of Managerial Strengths & Weaknesses
    • Unique Business Model: e.g. Offering Diverse Options in Online Betting
    • Strong Strategic Planning Underpinning Expansion and Growth
    • Board of Directors and CEO
    • Expansion of Products into Markets
    • Rise of Spread Betting: Riding The Wave
    • Successful Entry Into Australian Market: Acquisition of Sportsbet
    • Increase in Brand Value and Brand Awareness
    • Creative and Controversial Marketing and Advertising Campaigns